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Identity Fraud

Identity Fraud and Account Protection
Our Commitment to You

Fraud occurs when someone uses your personal information such as your SS number or account number without your permission to commit fraud or other crimes. Some fraud is limited to one account while some fraud can spread to your personal identity. WestSide Bank is committed to protecting you and your personal information against fraud. We use a variety of safeguards to protect your information, such as employee training, account monitoring, strict privacy policies and procedures, rigorous security standards and encryption systems. WestSide Bank will never request personal information by phone, email, or text messaging including account numbers, personal identification information, passwords, or any other confidential customer information.

What We Do to Protect You:

  • WestSide Bank and debit card issuer (FIS) have special fraud detection software that constantly monitors accounts to help flag ID theft.
  • If WestSide Bank or FIS suspects fraud immediate action is taken. Depending on the data that is compromised, the bank may take a variety of steps such as:
    • Immediate customer notification
    • Potential provisional credit for suspected fraud
    • Enhanced account monitoring
    • Blocking account access and re-issuing cards
    • Reimbursement for customers of confirmed fraudulent transactions.
    • Communication with customer service until the all areas of compromise have been addressed

What You Can Do to Protect Yourself:                     

  • Monitor your account transitions online frequently.
  • Be alert to phishing scams trying to trick you out of private information including personal identification numbers and account information. Always contact your bank or credit card company directly if you have received a request for information.
  • Protect your Debt Card
  • Don’t share your PIN or carry your PIN in your wallet
  • Always be aware of your surroundings and equipment when using ATMs or Merchant Terminals
  • Order copies of your credit report at least once a year
  • Choose to do business with companies you are sure are reputable
  • Look for a padlock or key icon when conducting online business to monitor for a secure transaction
  • Consider using anti-virus and/or anti-spy ware to protect your personal computers

Important Information for You if you’re a Victim of Fraud:

  • Contact WestSide Bank immediately at 770-445-1855 if you believe your account may have been compromised. The longer you wait to contact us the greater your risk of liability.
  • For lost wallets, compromised ID Numbers, or multiple account issues consider contacting credit reporting agencies and freezing your credit until all concerns are adequately addressed
    • TransUnion – 800.680.7289
    • Experian – 888.397.3742
    • Equifax – 800.525.6285
  • Keep accurate records of anyone you speak with including authorities and merchants

Links to help you with:

  • A special affidavit is available from the Federal Trade Commission at or call 1-877 ID THEFT of 1-877 438-4338
The Federal Trade Commission has a good online resource to help consumers understand their limited liability for fraudulent card transactions. The site is


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